An impressive lineup of leaders for The Woods


With the Major League Baseball season in full swing and the All-Star game this week, I encourage everyone to take a minute and read the very timely profile of our long-serving board member Charlie James which was recently posted on our news site, The Woods Today.

In case you were not aware, one of the fascinating periods of Charlie’s very full life were the years he spent playing for the St. Louis Cardinals back in the early 1960’s, years when he had the opportunity to play alongside, and against, some of the greatest baseball players in history. He even got to play in a World Series, and still proudly wears his championship ring 54 years later! How many people get to live their childhood dream like Charlie has?

Equally impressive is the life Charlie has built since he hung up his glove and spikes, including leading and building a prominent mid-Missouri company. He has been married to his wife Jo for 60 years, and has raised a family of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Charlie has also been a very active member of the Fulton community, and of course, has served for nearly three decades on the William Woods University Board of Trustees.

Charlie’s story got me thinking about the quality of the individuals we have serving on our board. Keeping with the baseball theme, you might say I have been fortunate to benefit from an impressive lineup of players serving on our board during my tenure as president, which has been instrumental in helping us reach the heights we have achieved as a university. And never has that been more true than now.

Our current board includes leaders in business, finance, law, telecommunications, health care, education and insurance, among others. We have individuals who serve in key positions in some of the biggest names in industry. Our board has a number of our alums that we are extremely proud of, and others who have taken a deep interest in our university and have been honored to serve as part of our governing board. We have leaders of large foundations, authors, an artist and even a college president. In all, our board of trustees is a group of extraordinary people whom we are fortunate to have representing William Woods.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve with each and every one of our board members. It is this dedicated team, working closely with our campus leadership through the years, that has allowed us to develop the vision and achieve the mission that has moved William Woods forward. So while many of us gather around a TV to watch the Major League Baseball All-Star game this week, I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for our own team of All-Stars – our William Woods University Board of Trustees.


Dr. Jahnae Barnett