Bright new year – same long-standing commitment

What could feel more shiny and new than saying “Happy New Year,” getting in the habit of using “2019” regularly, or just kicking off our Spring semester?  Not much, because the start of a new year, whether by calendar or semester, is always a refreshing feeling.

As the calendar flips to a new year, year after year, it is tempting to search for areas of our lives that we need to change. There is a reason, after all, that New Year’s resolutions have become such a lucrative industry. But what impresses me most is when a person or institution is able to identify those things they do best and continue to consistently do them well for extended periods of time. Remaining committed to excellence, if you will.

Here at The Woods, we long ago made the commitment to be innovative, forward-looking and nimble as an institution – Characteristics which I believe are crucial to the viability of universities that are similar to WWU. And as we begin the bright new year of 2019, you have my word that our commitment to being cutting edge as an institution and to never standing still will always be who we are at William Woods.

Examples of why our approach is the right one are always in abundance. During this first week of classes, we received word that, the nation’s largest business education social community website, rated our Online MBA program as the 12th most affordable in the nation, out of more than 400 programs rated. This distinction follows similar accolades in recent years for our program; in 2017, Online MBA Today ranked the WWU Online MBA program as the 26th best in the nation, and followed that up by ranking the program as the 32nd most affordable for 2018.

We established our Online MBA program in 2013, because we wanted to provide a flexible, affordable, in-demand academic program that met the needs of aspiring business professionals. Like much of what we do, we began offering this program before other colleges and universities similar to us began doing so, because that is just the way we do it here at William Woods. Just like when we went out of the box to establish graduate level and online programs way back in the 90’s. Or when we established the LEAD program in 2000. Or when we began offering the MBA In 5 program in 2012. Or just in the past year, when we added new programs like Nursing, Cybersecurity and the Show-Me GOLD program.

Our approach has been paying big dividends for our university now for decades, and will continue to do so in the future. So while we celebrate all that is new in 2019, let us remember what remains the same here at William Woods – a never-ending, steadfast commitment to innovation. And as for what to expect in the coming year? Well, you will just have to stay tuned.

Happy New Year!

Dr. Jahnae Barnett