The company we keep

The serenity that defines our campus in mid-May has arrived here at William Woods. After the non-stop activity of the month of April, we are suddenly engulfed in a calm and quiet that arrives to The Woods each year during this time. May is a good time to reflect on the past year’s accomplishments, but to also spend some time thinking about the bigger picture of what is to come for our institution.

Both of those things, our past success and our bright future, intersected this week with some intriguing news for William Woods.

The premiere organization that classifies colleges and universities in this country is the Carnegie Classification, once known as the Carnegie Foundation, which has been the authority on the subject now since 1970. This year, Carnegie created a new Doctoral/Professional Universities category in its listing, which it defines as doctoral universities that offer professional practice doctorates with less than $5 million in research spending. Included in the 152 institutions from across the country in this new category is – you guessed it – our very own William Woods University. You can find the entire listing here:

Our new classification puts WWU in some, shall we say, rather impressive company. Other schools in this classification include nationally-known universities such as Elon, Creighton, Pepperdine, Drake, Gonzaga, Valparaiso and Santa Clara. Only three other Missouri universities join us in this prestigious class – Missouri St., Lindenwood and Maryville. These are institutions that are different from major doctoral universities with high research activity, but who focus on excellence in undergraduate majors and professional graduate programs. Which fits William Woods to a “T.”

We have always focused on providing quality academic programs that are the most in-demand by today’s employers, including just recently when we added new programs like Nursing, Cybersecurity and Show-Me GOLD. At the same time, we have always been tremendously proud of our graduate and online programs, which we instituted back in the 1990’s long before other smaller, private colleges like us were doing so. This commitment to our professions-oriented mission, and cutting edge innovation, are why we are a thriving institution as we head into the 150th anniversary of our founding in 2020.

It is said that the company you keep can say a lot about a person. Our new peers speak volumes – about where William Woods is in the hierarchy of higher education, and more importantly, where we are going in the future.