All the opportunity in the world

Educating the total personOur college years are ripe with opportunity, as ripe as the pumpkins dotting the autumn landscape.

During our years in academia, we have opportunities as big and career-setting as internships and interviews, and as carefree and pleasant as just walking through campus on a crisp fall afternoon.

At William Woods, many of the opportunities we offer are, while not exactly out of this world, definitely out in the world. Like the world way beyond our iconic campus in Fulton, Missouri, for example. That includes opportunities to travel abroad for entire semesters, or more intensive short-term journeys like our unique Woods Around The World program. Or learning from our faculty who are either natives of foreign nations, or have taught internationally. Or attending a critically-acclaimed film on our campus as part of our annual International Film Series. More on our commitment to bringing the world to The Woods, if you will, can be found here: International experiences for students at William Woods University unmatched among similar institutions

What is interesting is how these opportunities can then in turn lead to even more  opportunities. Take the case of our current senior Caitlin Cook. A pre-veterinary medicine major with a minor in Spanish, her career plan for after veterinary school was to work as a traveling vet and serve many areas. When her sister visited Guatemala and sent her a photo of a clinic in the Central American nation, it sparked an idea: what if she pursued and international shadowing opportunity there?

Forging her own international internship seemed like an exciting yet daunting challenge for Caitlin, but with the help of WWU faculty like university veterinarian Dr. Paul Schlitz and Assistant Professor of Spanish Dr. Hannah Bolados, as well as the university’s Career Services Center, she was able to pull it off. Thanks to her own imagination of what she could do, and the assistance of our William Woods faculty to help turn that imagination into reality, Caitlin had an international internship experience in Guatemala that she will never forget. Read about the entire story here:

Our college years can be a wonderful time to dream what is possible. Your opportunities here at William Woods can truly provide you with the college experience that is as big and adventurous as you can imagine.